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Celebrating our 2024 Graduating Matches

Each year, a new group of Littles graduates out of our program. Many of them have turned eighteen, some are moving on to higher education, and all are forging their paths to their futures. Despite growing up, many Littles will stay in contact with their Bigs for years to come. Join us in honoring the […]

Big Futures Gala 2024

SAVE THE DATE for our next Gala on March 21, 2025! For an idea of what our annual gala is like, see videos and photos from our 2024 event below. On Friday, April 19, 2024, nearly 300 guests joined forces to support our program and celebrate how seemingly little things make a BIG impact in […]

Meet Our Real-Life Roster: Tim and Jeremias’s Story

Tim was drawn to volunteer with BBBSBA because of his own experiences growing up as an only child with ADHD. He says, “When I was growing up, I had a great upbringing and loving parents, but it’s hard to discuss how hard ADHD can be with someone who doesn’t have it. There were struggles I […]

Meet Our Real-Life Roster: Jon and Angelo’s Story

“When I first signed up, I envisioned mentoring someone in the 12-15 year old age range, hoping to have more serious adult conversations,” Big Jon remembers. However, he was then Matched with 8-year-old Little Angelo. Despite initial reservations, Jon was won over by Angelo’s kind, open personality. “I immediately loved what was important to him. […]

Announcing a new partnership between Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area and the YMCA of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA – April 1, 2024 – The YMCA of San Francisco and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area (BBBSBA) have teamed up to offer wellness opportunities for mentor pairs during their outings. BBBSBA Matches can visit any YMCA branch in San Francisco and explore a range of activities including swimming, basketball, […]

Meet Our Real-Life Roster: Michael’s Story

In 1999, Michael had recently retired from the military and was searching for a way to make a difference on his own. His journey as a mentor began with Fighting Back Partnership in Vallejo, where he worked with Arthelle, now still his Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. Now, […]

Meet Our Real-Life Roster: Jody and Elijah’s Story

In the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, where success often translates into long hours and constant pursuit of financial goals, Jody found himself yearning for something more fulfilling. His Match with Little Brother Elijah in March 2016 through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area became a lasting positive bond for both of them. […]

Consistency, Care, and Compassion: Vanessa’s Mentorship Story

Vanessa became a Little at 11, with middle school starting in full swing. “I guess there was just a lot of transition in my life, and I was rebelling and hanging around the wrong crowd so my mom was getting a lot of calls from school, and that was very unlike me. She wanted me […]

An Unexpected Bond: Sami’s Mentorship Story

“Concha was there all of a sudden,” Sami says about her Big Sister. Sami was Matched with Concha in third grade, around the same time as many of her friends were being Matched with college-aged Bigs of their own. At first, she was hesitant about being Matched with an older Big Sister. “She was maybe […]

From Little to Leader: Brianna’s Mentorship Story

Phylicia Rashad was Brianna’s first mentor. She was a TV mentor, but still—she was a mother when Brianna’s was out of the picture and was someone to look up to. Brianna was born and raised in Berkeley and lived with her father and twin sisters, both of whom had Bigs of their own. He signed […]

Little Things, Big Impact: David’s Mentorship Story

Unlike with most Matches, David’s Big chose him. Al was the Assistant Coach on David’s soccer team, who brought a laidback, positive nature to David’s life. Noticing David’s need for an extra source of support, Al approached David’s mom, a loving and hardworking single mother of two, and asked if David could use a Big […]

Ripples of Mentorship: The Echoing Impact of One Life-Changing Match

In 2008, Rosa’s daughter, America, was Matched with Johanna, a dedicated and compassionate Big Sister. The connection they forged was remarkable. At a time when Rosa was working to make ends meet while battling depression, Johanna stepped in, becoming a guiding light for America, then only seven years old. Together, they enjoyed outings and shared […]

Austin Bryant of the San Francisco 49ers Named Player Champion of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area

San Francisco, CA – July 18, 2023 – Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area is proud to announce Austin Bryant, defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, as an agency Player Champion. This partnership between the emerging NFL athlete and the leading mentoring organization aims to empower and inspire Bay Area youth. This […]

Celebrating our 2023 Graduating Matches

Each year, a new group of Littles reaches the end of their high school senior year. Many of them have turned eighteen, some are moving on to higher education, and their Matches are formally closed. But this is only the beginning of a new chapter—many of these Littles will stay in contact with their Bigs […]

Empowering Potential: Wally and Frankie’s Story

In the past six years, Big Brother Wally has seen his Little, Frankie, grow from an overwhelmed 11-year-old to a confident high school senior with a promising future. Frankie’s upbringing was far from easy. As a biracial child whose father spent years incarcerated, he faced numerous challenges growing up. When his father was released, the […]

Celebrating A 50 Year Match: Tom & Lal

Tom met his Little, Lal, in 1973 when Lal was 7 and Tom was 26. They carved pumpkins together and smiled for a picture. This was the first in a long series of days spent together which culminated in a 50 year-long friendship that is still strong to this day.  Tom was drawn to BBBS […]

Big Futures Gala 2023

On Friday, April 28, 2023, over 300 guests joined forces to support our program and celebrate the power and promise of youth. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America CEO Artis Stevens delivered an energizing and inspirational message on why he joined the agency to lead this critical work and the incredible impact your support has […]

BBBSBA Moves to Oakland!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area Moves to New Office in Oakland Time to update your records! Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area has a new mailing address: 1230 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612 In the past several years our agency has merged with smaller agencies to create one agency, Big Brothers Big Sisters […]

Virtual Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2021 – A Wonderful Success!

Virtual Bowl for Kids’ Sake was a fun and wonderful success! Thanks to you, we raised $25,530,04 to continue creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationship that ignite the power and promise of Bay Area youth! Special thanks to our Igniter and Empowerer Sponsors! We couldn’t have done it without your generous support! Igniters ($2,500)   […]

Announcing Lillian Samuel, MNA as Chief Executive Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7/14/21 Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area Announces Lillian Samuel, MNA as Chief Executive Officer  Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area Celebrates a Renewed Commitment to Igniting the Potential of Kids, one Relationship at a Time San Francisco, CA July 14, 2021— The Board of Directors of Big […]

2021 Scholarship Opportunities

We have several scholarship opportunities for Littles who have participated in BBBSBA programs for two years or more! Scholarships are available for graduating seniors planning to attend a four-year college/university, wishing to attend camp or who are interested in learning to play an instrument or participate in an extracurricular activity! APPLICATION DEADLINE FRIDAY, APRIL 23, […]

April 2021 Virtual Match Activities

We’re happy to provide virtual activities and events facilitated by BBBSBA Programs Staff! All Littles, Families, and Volunteers are welcome to participate!

March 2021 Virtual Match Activities

We’re happy to provide virtual activities and events facilitated by BBBSBA Programs Staff! All Littles, Families, and Volunteers are welcome to participate!

The Future is Yours Webinar

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area and Quantcast Fireside Chat – Thursday, March 18 2021

Giving Tuesday 2020

During this season of gratitude, we are thankful for you! Your generous donations help us to continue providing one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of Bay Area youth

November 2020 Virtual Activities for Littles

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area is still working to create long-lasting, professionally supported relationships that continue to inspire even through these uncertain times.

Supporting Each Other with Smiles and Laughter – Aurora and Michelle

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area continues to serve Bay Area Youth during the COVID-19 shelter in place orders. And our Bigs are still there for their Littles. Because no child should feel isolated. Mentoring is more important than ever. We can make a difference at a distance, sharing moments that brighten our […]

Mentoring Can Happen Wherever You Are: Brooklyn and Lyle

Mentoring can happen wherever you are! Our matches continue to connect over video chats and phone calls, and our staff continues to make new matches through virtual interviews. This week, we made our very first virtual match, and we are excited to introduce you to Brooklyn and Lyle! Little Brooklyn, his Grandmother Alicia, and Big […]


Video calls to provide support and lend an understanding ear. Dropping off care packages of sweet treats to their front door. These are just a few of the ways our Bigs continue to support their Littles and families during this time. We know that mentors are anchors of support in a time of anxiety and […]

BBBSBA Response to COVID-19: We Are Bigger Together

A lot has changed in our communities over the past week. From all of us at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy through this unprecedented time.  As a nonprofit, specifically one whose core mission is to defend potential through one-to-one […]

Coronavirus Shelter in Place Resources

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area remain committed to young people. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and shelter-in-place, we are still working to ensure that all youth achieve their full potential. It is in that spirit that we provide the following resource links to parents, guardians, Bigs and the […]

Craig and Malik: Potential Ignited

When Craig retired from his career as a lawyer, and with his kids all grown up, he wanted to give back. He’d been a Big while in college in the 70’s and remembered it being a positive experience. So he reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. That’s how he met […]

Kassie and Maleitha: Perfect Match

It doesn’t take long for the relationship between a Little and a Big to reap dividends! Little Kassie and her Big Maleitha have been matched for only 7 months, but it feels like they’ve been matched for longer. Kassie is 9 years old and lives in Sonoma County. She currently lives with her aunt and […]

Diane and Reyna: Mentoring Goes a Long Way

Have you ever wondered if relationships between Bigs and Littles have a lasting impact? Alumni Big Diane emphatically says yes! Matched with Little Reyna in August 2008 just before her 10th birthday, Diane shares that she’s evolved from being a supportive adult to a dear and trusted friend. The time that they’ve spent together over […]

Haden and Jordan: Teammates

Little Haden and his Big Jordan have developed a magnificent relationship that they both deeply value! Jordan is in his fourth season in the NFL and third with the 49ers as the team’s Coordinator of Nutrition. Haden and Jordan’s synergy is one of the best examples of our Inspire Change partnership with the National Football […]

Aldo & Robert: Little Moments, Big Impact

Big Robert Robert grew up seeing his dad only a few times a month, so being a role model in a boy’s life seemed like an especially meaningful opportunity. That’s one of the reasons he decided to volunteer as a “Big” at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. While an Officer in the […]

Aurora & Michelle: “Really” Like Sisters

Before Michelle became a ‘Little’ her older brother was enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. He had such a good experience that she wanted to be involved in the program too. Her parents thought it would be beneficial, particularly to expand her perspective on life and to “get her out of […]

Thorsten & Forest: Bay Area and Beyond

When Thorsten moved to San Francisco from Germany, he wanted to get involved in the local community, so he signed up to volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. That’s how he met his Little Brother, Forest. For three years, they would see each other every other week, going to ball games, […]

Mark and Eli: Kindred Spirits

Little Brother Eli and his Big Mark have been matched since December, 2015. During that time, Mark says he’s seen Eli transform “from a 10-year-old boy to a 12-year-old young man.” When we asked Mark to describe his Little, he told us that “Eli is mature for his age, he is naturally curious and he’s […]

Roger and Ray: Biggest Possible Future

The first time Ray and Roger met, Ray confessed that he got arrested and got kicked out of school for beating up another student. “Well where I come from, you have to beat people up to gain credibility and be recognized in my community” said Ray. Taken aback, Roger tried to maintain his calm. He […]

Peter and Drake: Opposites Attract

Big Brother Peter and his Little Brother Drake have been sharing many great adventures during the time they’ve been matched. But their Match Support Specialist, Marynoelyn, recounts that when they first met there was some concern about whether the match would even workout because they seemed like polar opposite in a lot of ways. “Peter […]

Gwen Mitchell: A Legacy of Love

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area we are grateful to get lots of inquiries from potential volunteers interested in becoming a Big. While we work hard to find the perfect match for our Littles, sometimes there are other, just as valuable, ways that volunteers can have incredible impact on our Bay Area […]

Meet Inspirational Match: Rich & Jahleel

Every year at our Annual Gala we honor matches that exemplify a commitment to both the BBBSBA program and to each other. Here’s how inspirational award winning matches Rich & Jahleel bring our mission to life. Inspirational Match: Unbreakable Bonds As a young man, Rich had a boss who he looked up to at work […]

Bigger Together: How One Person Can Impact Many Bay Area Children’s Live

You might have seen her at a recent (or long past) Bowl For Kids Sake. A defining presence in our Big Brothers Big Sisters community, Glendora Pitre demonstrates how our legacy depends on the people that consistently and whole heartedly live the mission: providing children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships […]