Celebrating our 2023 Graduating Matches

Sharmaine Sun News July 10, 2023

Each year, a new group of Littles reaches the end of their high school senior year. Many of them have turned eighteen, some are moving on to higher education, and their Matches are formally closed. But this is only the beginning of a new chapter—many of these Littles will stay in contact with their Bigs for many years to come.

Join us in honoring the accomplishments and progress made by our graduating Littles, and wishing them the best for their roads ahead.

Justice (Little) & Chris (Big)

Candace (Little) & Candace (Big)

Samantha (Little) & Danielle (Big)

A’zariyah (Little) & Allison (Big)

Dae’zhon (Little) & Earnest (Big)

Francisco (Little) & Wally (Big)

Adanna (Little) & Karen (Big)

Joanna (Little) & Yolanda (Big)

Dominic (Little) & Bob (Big)

Analia (Little) & Jessica (Big)

Sebastian (Little) & John-Paul (Big)

Anthony (Little) & William (Big)

Nariah (Little) & Angie (Big)

Amir (Little) & Amir (Big)

Natalie (Little) & Chanel (Big)

Brianna (Little) & Olivia (Big)

Samuel (Little) & Kin-Hong (Big)

Jeremy (Little) & Matthew (Big)

Yajaira (Little) & Brenda (Big)

Fernando (Little) & Donald (Big)

Juan Rodrigo (Little) & John (Big)

Jayquan (Little) & Brian (Big)

Viviana (Little) & Nadia (Big)

Derrick (Little) & William (Big)

Maritza (Little) & Jen (Big)

Lesslie (Little) & Anastasia (Big)

Jackeline (Little) & Gillian (Big)

Diego (Little) & Jason (Big)

Angelo (Little) & Abraham (Big)

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