Diane and Reyna: Mentoring Goes a Long Way

Rick Ohren News January 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered if relationships between Bigs and Littles have a lasting impact? Alumni Big Diane emphatically says yes! Matched with Little Reyna in August 2008 just before her 10th birthday, Diane shares that she’s evolved from being a supportive adult to a dear and trusted friend. The time that they’ve spent together over the years has been full of fun; from many outdoor activities to craft projects to traveling. Reyna has blossomed into a confident and admirable young woman! Diane appreciates Reyna’s candor, honesty and ability to keep her connected to current pop culture and music.

Most importantly, the precious gifts of mentoring and encouragement really do go a long way. Reyna is a senior majoring in Pre-Med at Bowdoin College! Diane looks forward to attending Reyna’s graduation in May, and watching her confidently embark upon the next steps in her life, education and career.

For those considering becoming a big or currently on the journey, Diane recommends that you give it a go and keep at it! See where being a Big takes you. Not everyone has the experience of having an adult in their life who gives constant, dependable support. What a priceless gift to give a young person – empowering their potential!

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