Haden and Jordan: Teammates

Rick Ohren News January 29, 2020

Little Haden and his Big Jordan have developed a magnificent relationship that they both deeply value! Jordan is in his fourth season in the NFL and third with the 49ers as the team’s Coordinator of Nutrition. Haden and Jordan’s synergy is one of the best examples of our Inspire Change partnership with the National Football League; they indeed have a strong mentoring relationship that engages education and ignites Haden’s power and promise.

Haden, age 11, just started junior high school but is already thinking about college. He hopes to attend Harvard or MIT one day and become a physicist! But things didn’t start off this way for Haden. After his parents’ divorce, he suffered from emotional challenges that impacted his outlook and behavior. His mom, Stephanie, knew in her heart that having a positive male role model for her son could be a game-changer, so she contacted Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. Haden was matched with Big Brother Jordan in 2018 and since then, the two have developed a deep bond. The time they spend together is full of fun activities, talks about careers, education and teachable moments. Little Haden says he knows that he’s a priority in Jordan’s life—and that makes him feel really special and important. His mom says it’s exactly what she’d hoped for her son. “Jordan has been a positive influence for Haden, for certain! I am extremely grateful for this program.”

Mom Stephanie enthusiastically encourages those who are considering becoming a Big to just do it! Being in a position where you can give back to your community by pouring yourself into the life of a Little makes a big difference! Just by being someone that a Little can talk to, offer other perspectives and insights is an awesome gift to give!

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