Kassie and Maleitha: Perfect Match

Rick Ohren News January 29, 2020

It doesn’t take long for the relationship between a Little and a Big to reap dividends! Little Kassie and her Big Maleitha have been matched for only 7 months, but it feels like they’ve been matched for longer.

Kassie is 9 years old and lives in Sonoma County. She currently lives with her aunt and uncle, and they enrolled her in the program so that she can have someone with similar interests and background that she can hang out with. Both Kassie and Maleitha are interested in outdoor activities, technology, animals, and a bunch of other cool and fun things like attending the Marin Symphony and the Girls on the Run 5K!

Kassie and Maleitha instantly clicked at the beginning of the match. Kassie was not shy with Maleitha during their outings. After getting to know each other better, that helped Kassie become more comfortable with her Big Sister. That comfort has helped them to develop a wonderful friendship! Maleitha is very grateful to have Kassie as her Little, and has been a positive influence in Kassie’s life.

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