Now More Than Ever

Alyssa Lopez News September 9, 2020

The sun rises, the laptops open, the cameras turn on, and kids tune into their teachers remotely for a full 8 hours of instruction online. This routine is the new normal that many children in the Bay Area are endeavoring to get comfortable with; learning in the middle of a pandemic. We are discovering that our Bigs are needed now more than ever to help bridge the gaps between in-person education and the virtual classroom. They are being called upon to help with homework assignments, technology issues, and emotional support. We want to thank all of our Bigs for their commitment to their Littles in such a challenging time.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area is still working to create long-lasting, professionally supported relationships that continue to inspire even through these uncertain times. I want to share a brief story from a graduate and scholarship recipient Dylan who found his future through his mentor Adam:

“Since I was young, I always knew that I wanted to work in the medical field. I was always drawn to science because I thought it was the most practical subjects out of all of them. When I met Adam and found out that he is an emergency room nurse, I became so intrigued. Every time we would spend time together, he would tell me about all of the interesting cases that he saw and would always teach me about things that I would need to know to become a nurse. Without a doubt, Adam inspired me to become a nurse. He has always been a role model to me in that he has constantly put the needs of others before his own. Hearing about his job sparked a flame within me, and I am confident that it is the job I would like to pursue in the future”.

With your support, we can provide children with a Big Brother or Big Sister who genuinely cares about the child’s needs and positively changes their life for the next year in ways other programs cannot do. Beyond helping over temporary hurdles, your help in getting a child a trusted mentor can change a child’s life trajectory. Please make a gift today that ignites the promise of Bay Area youth and helps us continue and evolve our programming. Now more than ever, it’s supporters like you who make the difference.

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