We serve kids between the ages of 6 – 18 in all nine Bay Area counties.

Many of our kids are from single-parent homes or live with a non-parent caregiver. Many live below the poverty level, with caregivers struggling to be an active presence while providing financial necessities for their family. Exposed to greater adversity such as elements of gang activity, substance abuse, and crime, they have the potential for greatness but need a special role model and friend they can trust. We are a lifeline for these kids, by providing a special match to help them realize their potential.

Community Based

This traditional program matches screened adult mentors (Bigs) with enrolled children (Littles) on a one-to-one basis. This program requires a one year commitment and the matches meet several times per month.

The Match: How It Works

  • We bring an unparalleled rigor to screening mentors and child safety. Potential Bigs go through an extensive background check and interview process. Each match is held to the highest standards to be safe and well-suited to each child’s needs, as well as harmonious for both Big and Little.
  • We match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities and preferences, with an emphasis on safety and consistency. We provide ongoing support and coaching to the Big, Little, and family, to ensure that the relationship is working well for everyone involved.
  • Sharing everyday activities like eating out, playing sports or attending sports events, going to movies, sightseeing, doing homework, and just hanging out together consistent visits lead to an invaluable bond that changes the trajectory of a child’s life.
  • Having a lasting relationship with a caring adult transforms the way children see themselves and their future. When a Little feels good and does better, there’s a positive impact on friends, families, schools, and communities, which has a lasting impact on us all.


The program requires a minimum one-year commitment from Big, Little and the Little’s caregiver. Matches meet two to four times per month, on days and times convenient to both Big and Little.

Children ages 6 and up are referred to our program by parents, guardians, counselors, social workers, teachers and family friends, and paired with a carefully screened adult mentor through a comprehensive matching process.
Mentors are provided with training, support and ongoing coaching from agency staff to help nurture a healthy, lasting relationship between each Big and Little.
BBBS is an inclusive organization. We always accept all genders and sexual orientations.

Getting together doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity—just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy.


Playing catch


Reading books


Getting ice cream


Going to a museum


Providing advice


Finding inspiration

Workplace Mentoring Partnerships

By partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, companies are making an investment in developing the next generation of leaders. Workplace Mentoring Partnerships rely on our signature one-to-one mentoring relationships but kids go to a corporate workplace for mentoring visits and group activities. Local kids are matched with company employees who help them become excited about the future and invested in their career paths. In this way, employees create lasting relationships and strong ties with the local community on behalf of their company. Our partners have included major companies like the Gap, Google, Zendesk, and Comcast.

How It Works

Our goal is to make the program as easy and rewarding as possible for our corporate partners and kids.


Meeting twice a month, each program day is designed and facilitated by a Workplace Mentoring Coordinator, who plans and coordinates program logistics, with structured activities.


The company provides a financial contribution to pay for the transportation of students and the Workplace Coordinator assigned to the company.


We work with our partners to tailor programming to best meet the needs of the employees, company, and kids so that everyone is fulfilled and feels connected to their community.

If you think your company would be interested in exploring a Workplace Mentoring partnership, please contact us at