No Matter Where Life Takes Them

JP Vergara Stories May 11, 2018

It hasn’t always been easy for Jezreel. His mother, a single parent since Jezreel was 2 years old, turned to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area looking for a positive male influence to be in her son’s life. “My mom signed me up for this because my father wasn’t around,” Jezreel remembers, “and I was having a really hard time connecting with my siblings.” That’s where Andrew came in.

“When I first found out I had a match, I was really excited, but also really nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to impress this 11-year-old kid and convince him to hang out with me,” Andrew confessed, showing us a picture from one of their earliest match outings.

The pair have now been matched for over 6 years, and they couldn’t be happier. “Jez was a very shy 11-year-old, and the only things we could connect with were video games and maybe some music,” Andrew tells us. “Now he’s trying to teach me about physics and telling me where to go hiking in Laos.”

Andrew is not only a fixture in Jezreel’s life, but is also the person Jezreel turns to for advice as he prepares to head off to college. “Having that huge resource was especially helpful for me, unlike before when I would give up easily,” Jezreel says. “It’s amazing that now I have a mentor and friend willing to help me.”

We know that no matter where life takes them, these two will be a part of each other’s lives forever.

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