Shared Passions, Shared Challenges

JP Vergara Stories May 11, 2018

Hakeem and Santos have been matched for four years and through a shared passion for sports and education, have built an unbreakable relationship they know will last a lifetime.

They see each other twice a month and consistently stay in touch with one another in between their outings. Hakeem helps Santos with his homework and they particularly focus on building his reading skills. Hakeem supports Santos’s passion for football and is always at his games, rooting for him. ANd when Santos’ team lost in the championship game Hakeem was there to help cheer him up. Hakeem also was by Santos’s side, celebrating together when his team won the championship the following year.

Santos has come a long way since being matched with Hakeem. When they first met, Santos was extremely quiet, shy and didn’t say much. Today, he is more confident, patient outgoing and he’s not afraid to challenge himself, or to work to overcome his struggles.

Santos’ mom says that she couldn’t ask for a better role model for her son. She feels Hakeem is the best Big Brother Santos could ever ask for and Santos and his mom feel very lucky to have Hakeem in their lives.

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