Empowering Youth Potential
Across the Bay Area.

Impact Report 2023

Together, We Do Big Things.

Supporters like you empower the potential of Bay Area youth. Thank you to everyone who invested in our mission, served as a Big, and championed our work in 2023. Through our partnership, we were able to create and support more life-changing 1-to-1 mentorship relationships across the Bay Area.

We’re proud to share our 2023 Impact Report, which showcases the incredible potential and tenacity of Bay Area youth, the power of mentorship relationships, and the data and outcomes that reaffirm how much more we can achieve when working together.

About Our Littles

Kids served (fiscal year ending 6/30/2023)
On the waiting list (as of 6/23/2023)

One in every four kids we serve has at least one incarcerated parent.

Single Parent Household

Low Income Families

Our impact goes beyond the individual, extending to families and communities all across the Bay Area. The story of Rosa, her daughter’s Match 16 years ago, and her path to becoming a Big herself shows the power of mentorship and its ability to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Read their story to see how one relationship between a Big and Little empowers the Little through their youth and beyond, enriches the life and perspectives of the Big, and even touches the hearts of family members to continue the cycle of giving back to their community through the power of mentorship.

Big Results

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area has an impact on 3 core areas in a young person’s life.

Healthy Behaviors & Choices

Youth matched with a mentor improve their avoidance of risky behaviors including justice system contact, bullying, and substance use.

increase their healthy behaviors and choices

Mental Health

Mentorship is one critical component of supporting youth mental health and Big Brothers Big Sisters’ program model shows Littles have fewer behavioral challenges, better coping skills, and significantly fewer symptoms of depression.

improve their emotional regulation skills

experience fewer symptoms of depression

School & Academic

Evidence shows that being Matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters can make a big difference in how a child performs in school and how they feel about school in general.

improve their academic performance

increase their personal educational expectations

From Littles to Leaders

We proudly showcase our enduring impact by prioritizing former mentees for our Board of Directors and our own team. These individuals, once mentees in our program, are vital contributors, highlighting the positive influence of mentorship and their commitment to the organization’s mission.

“When I think about my mentor, I just think my life changed. Mentorship is needed, it’s important, and it’s vital to the community.”

— Sami Rios, Manager of Enrollment and Match Specialists

“It’s just the fact that someone was there. It had such an impact on my life.”

— David Boehmer, Board Member

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is an outlet—[it provides] someone that can allow you to see yourself outside of your current circumstance and remind you of that and kind of keep you going. Keep you motivated.”

— Brianna Rogers, Board Member

From Investment to Impact

Program Year Financials | July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

Revenue Sources

Total Revenue $5,196,511*

*In Fiscal Year 2023, BBBSBA received a remarkable one-time investment from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, which is reflected in foundation revenue.

Use of Funds

Total Expenses $2,484,982